At Colorado Quality Products, we believe that the continuous pursuit of creativity, innovation and quality will provide our clients with the competitive edge they need to succeed.

Offering robust R&D experience, our tenured group of formulating chemists are dedicated to developing only the most innovative, stable and high quality products for our customers.  Our chemists are dedicated to robust, on-going research in order to ensure that every product we develop benefits from the most innovative ingredients and formulating technologies.  We are capable of formulating all ranges of products — from dermatology grade to certified organic skin, body, hair and oral care. 

As pioneers of natural and clean technologies, we are experts at utilizing the latest green chemistries to create highly efficacious products.



Get to Know the Process


We take the time up front to get to know you and understand your specific product needs and goals.  Our dedicated
Business Development team will guide you through the process and ensure the project remains timeline-drive. 

Some of the key information we will utilize to get started on your product brief:

  • Formula benchmark(s) or products that inspire this project
  • List of ingredient restrictions and distribution channels
  • Guidance on anticipated packaging type and size
  • Price targets and anticipated volumes


  • R&D and Business Development collaborate to design the best product possible
  • R&D team identifies the most unique and innovative ingredient technologies available for your product needs
  • First round of samples within 3 weeks
  • Third-party panel reviews all prototypes to ensure quality performance and compliance with all profile needs before samples ship
  • Customer has full access to R&D throughout
  • Preliminary pricing developed based on in-process formulas


  • Every product prototype is subject to an internal 30-day stability test
  • After formula is approved, long-term stability commences
  • All regulatory work is finalized simultaneous to long-term testing
  • 28-day enhanced Preservative Efficacy Testing (Micro Challenge Testing) initiated with long-term testing
  • Other customized testing can be arranged and executed on your behalf:
    • HRIPT, Paraben, Ocular, In PKG Stability, Clinicals, Moisturization, etc.


  • Scale-up plan is developed and executed by our team of process engineers to ensure first run success
  • Pricing is finalized post pilot production
  • Pilot run completed and results documented for future production runs
  • Production is completed and shipped!

A Summary of CQP's Formulating Capabilities